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Interesting Facts About Olive Garden

There are no surprises if you want to go to Olive Garden every year for birthdays, anniversaries and probably just every weekend! It has been a hot favorite eatery for all Americans for a very long time now. In the hearts of Americans, the Olive Garden is either too good or maybe just a little better! There are definitely no letdowns with this wonderful Italian-American Restaurant. However, you love Olive Garden and think you are its biggest loyal customer that knows about it till the last deepest core – but do you? In this article, we challenge your knowledge about the very popular Olive Garden and bring you some facts about your favorite restaurant that you wouldn’t have heard of ever before. By the end of this article, you will surely have a new (hopefully improved) view about the Olive Garden. So gear up to find out all about it before your next visit.

Inspiration for Olive Garden Its Countryside Looks

Olive Garden Coupons FactsWe have all loved the interior and décor for the Olive Garden since day one! It is definitely not possible to find a restaurant as divine and refined as Olive Garden in today’s modern date that looks like just a country home or pub. While you must have always been impressed by the outlook of the restaurant – did you know that it is not 100% the original idea from any architect’s head, but in fact is inspired by the countryside in Tuscany.

Olive Garden Is a Huge Supporter of Charitable Funds

The menu is not the only thing that is thoughtful about this place. The management team is just as considerate too. Did you know that while you dine at your favorite restaurant, you can ask them for a fund to your personal charity or to a charity that you support! All you need is to submit an official application by the charity to the management of the restaurant and they will end up paying thousands of dollars for a good cause.

Free pasta at Olive Garden

If you love pasta, you will love FREE pasta even more! For this purpose, Olive Garden is the place to be at. Every year this restaurant holds a week ritually in which they sell every bowl of pasta for around 100 USD dollars each. However, with every bowl of pasta you get a pass that will help you to get pasta for as low as 4 dollars every day for the coming 7 weeks! They like to call this special pass – the pasta pass.

Try Olive Garden Recipes At Home

Like your grandmother, Olive Garden is just as happy to share their secret recipes with you to try it at home too! Unlike other big restaurants that have kept their recipes hidden away for decades now, Olive Garden is rather open about what they make and how they make it. You can easily find recipes for your favorite bread rolls, cinnamon sticks and Alfredo Pasta on their official website.

The Tuscan Cooking School of Olive Garden

It was said that a proper school is there to train all the management but that was not the case. As stated by the already working employees, this school was more of a show case thing than practical training. Stories about bread sticks and the non-authentic Italian dishes are few of the other unknown facts. But these may not be as bad as to lose all your hopes and go against the Olive Garden. It’s still a good place to dine in.

Olive Garden and Unlimited Promotions

This may sound like a good deal from a customer’s perspective!. While you are talking about the servers they are indeed the poor souls, sometimes devastated by the new offers and promotions. According to them, the free refills increases the work rate a lot. And it might be a result to a decrease on the daily tips.

Where Olive Garden Started

Orlando was the first testing site for the Olive Garden. The company commonly known as General mills is thought to make cinnamon rolls but it was the one that launched this Italian chain of the olive garden back in the 1980s. In very less time the chain spread to 150 stations and got famous in no time.

Olive Garden and Red Lobster

Initially both of them were one unit. Like usually there were two separates dine ins but one common kitchen. On alter stage the red lobster was eradicated and it was all about olive garden back then.

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