Olive Garden History

The Salty and Spicy History of Olive Garden

It’s all about food, food is life. But what type of food suits best depends on the restaurant serving it. You would always wish to dine in or take away from a place that is favorite to all. This is where you will hear about one of the best serving restaurants. Yes, the Olive Garden it is. Amazing you all since its inception. It is an Italian themed restaurant in the United States.

How Olive Garden Started

Olive Garden Coupons HistoryThe history of Olive Garden dates back to the 1980’s when it was first opened in Orlando. It was started as a unit of General Mills. In 1989, 145 such restaurants were installed. This is what made it more of a popular business. The number of profits added to their success. In that they had their sales matching to another competitor, The Red Lobster.

Popularity of Olive Garden

Olive Garden is the most value oriented food chain of Bill Darden. In 2009 it had an average check per person of fifteen dollars versus ninety dollars at its sibling Capital Grille. Back in 2011, it was announced that the Olive Garden will extend the restaurants to more areas. A total of two hundred restaurants was suggested in a conference. In addition to this, the company also planned to go international. In 2010, the sales at Olive Garden were calculated as around three billion dollars whereas its closest competitor had $650 million in sales. The sales at Olive Garden received decrements in 2012. As a solution to this major issue, they introduced a three-course meal to cover for the loss and to eradicate it totally. Darden then announced to co-locate both of the companies, the Olive Garden and the Red Lobster. In that it was going to have separate entrances for the dine in but one single kitchen to be operated for orders. In 2014, it was decided that they would close The Red Lobster and concert all chains they had to the Olive Garden. This made them close two of their famous co locations in Georgia and South Carolina.

The Tip Out Program Of Olive Garden

2011 was the time when the Olive Garden had a tip out program. In that the employees, hourly wage was cut short to a less amount. 2012 made it the first national restaurant to limit the health care benefits for full time employees. Also to converting a large number of its employees to work as part time workers. Then in 2014, The Olive Garden updated a new logo in order to introduce something new to its worthy customers. It also had a brand-new restaurant design. In addition to all this, an online system was also established. This had an easy way of ordering by a click of a button just as we do nowadays. This not only made things easier but also attracted a large number of foodies towards them. Because who would miss on a meal that comes fresh to your door step without you even getting all ready and fancy for a restaurant?

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